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Chris Ivey

Christopher Ivey is the CEO of ShareThink Ltd., a technology innovation company located in Almonte, ON, just outside Ottawa.

Where I Started

Written by Chris Ivey on May 17th, 2011. Posted in Lessons Learned

I hate spam. I mean, everybody hates spam as an intrusion and a minor inconvenience, but I hate it with a passion that can only come from knowing way more about it than anyone rightfully should. This is because I had worked in network support jobs that put me on the front lines in dealing with spam, and I later had to address it in my own small business as an IT consultant.

The economics of spam are interesting. Spammers tend at their best to be completely indifferent to the consequences of the damage they inflict, and at their worst to share in the qualities of narcissistic sociopathy common to professional cons and fraudsters. They are obsessed with outsmarting their opposition, and will be invest tremendous effort in pursuing a relatively tiny profit. They don’t care how marginal their business is provided they “win” by breaking the safeguards set up to stop them. The more damage they do, the happier they are.